Vintage adult movies tubes 1980 – “Just Between Friends”

Name: Just Between Friends

Country: United States

Year: 1989

Director: Allen Rosser

Language: English

Duration: 71 min

Categories: Vintage adult movies tubes 1980, 1989, United States, English, Allen Rosser, Ebony Ayes, Aja, Nikki Randall, Dana Lynn, Ed Navarro, Blake Palmer, Tony Montana, Frank Brandt, Black, Latin

Actors: Ed Navarro,Blake Palmer,Tony Montana,Frank Brandt

Actress: Ebony Ayes,Aja,Nikki Randall,Dana Lynn

Vintage adult movies tubes 1980 -

David Sanders is a nice guy, but there’s one thing that casts a blight on his life – all the women use and misuse him. Take his wife, for example. This slutty bitch fucks every delivery boy! The last straw was when David found her fucking some refugee from Cuba. That day he decided that his life should change, and that’s when he heard a commercial on the radio. A Dr Anthrax promised to turn every guy into a real man, and David decided to gve it a try. Dr Anthrax turned out to be a very strange man, and his therapy consisted of watching a couple of porn movies. Enjoying hot blowjobs, steamy fucking sessions and cum shots is cool, but how is it supposed to help David? After this weird session he picks up a sexy girl (played by gorgeous Ebony Ayes) who says she knows a real legend how to turn David into a real man… This fantastic 80s porn movie is full of raunchy action and humor, it has both an exciting plot and legendary porn stars in the cast. What else is there to desire?