Marilyn Jess in Retro 80 porn

Name: Hotel Lesbos

Duration: 92 min

Country: Canada


Language: English

Year: 1985

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Actress: Marilyn Jess,Dominique Saint Claire,Laura Clair,Jeannie Pepper,Melissa Bonsardo,Marie-Chantal Trobert,Michelle Leska,Isabelle Lagrange,Prisca

Marilyn Jess in Retro 80 porn

What we have here are two examples of lesbian lust, European style. There may not be much story to speak of in either feature, but there are some pretty faces and enough production qualities to raise these two foreign titles above the average American lesbian features.Hotel Lesbos is the story of a cute, young girl (she’s the one on the box cover in the multi-colored, yellow-sleeved shirt) who wants to get into fashion modeling. Country Girls in Heat is about an estate of lady lovers who capture two male peeping toms and keep them locked in the dog kennel. We never find out what happens to the two captives, though, because there will be a Country Girls in Heat Part 2. Neither of these stories are strong, so don’t expect much from the sequel. Speaking of captives, the blonde heroine of Hotel Lesbos is slapped around and handcuffed by a scorned lover who now, with the upper hand, her prisoner to perform in a sexually arousing scene.The sex here is all-female, which, of course, necessitates the use of love aids. Dildos abound in both features, but it’s in Country where things really get kinky. Our two cooking lovers resort to using food (a banana and a large, thin onion) instead of a dildo when things heat up in the kitchen.Production qualities shine here as these shot-on-video features are well-shot and well-lit, but the voice dubbing, particularly the moaning during the sex, can be annoying. But all and all, lesbian fans should find the quality of these features, the new faces and the sex, worthwhile.


Name: Plunge Series 2

Year: 1995

Director: Walter White

Language: English

Duration: 97 min

Country: United States

Actress: Jeanna Fine,Debi Diamond,Anna Malle,Tera Heart,Brigitte Aime,Danyel Cheeks,Dallas,Brooke Waters

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Actors: Jon Dough,TT Boy,Alex Sanders,Steven St. Croix,Tom Chapman

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