Margarita Promponas porn videos :

Name: Captain Lust

Duration: 78 min

Country: United States

Year: 1977

Language: English

Director: Beau Buchanan

Actress: Sharon Mitchell,Sue Swanson,Veri Knotty,Clea Carson,Susaye London,Ming Toy,Solange Shannon,Jackie Right,Margarita Promponas,Luanne Esposito,Geniveve Spyderkooky

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Actors: Jamie Gillis,Hershel Savage,Bobby Astor,Jack Teague,Wade Nichols,Beau Buchanan,Jacob Brooke,Jan P. Bush,Christopher Cable,Philip De Hatte,Michael Rooney,William Tanke

Margarita Promponas porn videos :

The film tells the story of how Handsome Jack (Wade Nichols) and his sweet girl, Anne (Sharon Mitchell), assume identities to prove that Captain Lust (Jack Teague) was responsible for the death of their father, The Count of Monte Cristo. Love, sex, pathos and humor abound in this tale of adventure, villainy, buried treasure and virgin sacrifice.