Blow Dry

Blow Dry - classic porno film Blow Dry - classic porno film
Blow Dry

Year: 1976

Studio: Alternative Cinema

Starring: Helen Madigan , Crystal Sync , Jamie Gillis , R. Bolla , Michael Gaunt , Warren Piece

Length: 1 hrs. 14 mins.

Genre: Classic


Description: A XXX-rated take on Shampoo, this big-budget, artsy New York comedy tells the story of Pepe, an ambitious, virile hairdresser who dreams of opening his own salon while sleeping his way to the top (and the bottom). Blow Dry is newly re-mastered and features full-length audio commentary by Blow Dry star and cult film star R. Bolla Cannibal Holocaust, Debbie Does Dallas, Cannibal Ferox.