Samantha Fox pornstar : “Robin’s Nest”

Samantha Fox pornstar :

Name: Robin’s Nest

Duration: 79 min

Language: English

Year: 1980

Director: Vic Burton

Country: United States

Categories: Samantha Fox pornstar, 1980, United States, English, Vic Burton, Samantha Fox, Arcadia Lake, Marcia Minor, Robin Byrd, Crystal Day, Paul Thomas, Eric Edwards, Faceless Guy, Anal

Actors: Paul Thomas,Eric Edwards,Faceless Guy

Actress: Samantha Fox,Arcadia Lake,Marcia Minor,Robin Byrd,Crystal Day

Samantha Fox pornstar :

The pressures of modern living explode when Alan and Robin’s one year marriage bursts into smithereens. Suddenly, Robin’s Nest is empty as the couples go their separate sex-filled ways in a wild wham-bam adventure of titillating hedonistic delights. For a change of taste, Robin shacks up with a gorgeous gay-gal while Alan and his buddy Larry celebrate his freedom by popping the cork on a bubbly young tart named Honey. The couple then proceed to expand the limits of their now wide open marriage until Larry’s wanton wife (Samantha Fox) unwittingly invites them separately to an outrageous orgy. There Alan and Robin find themselves (eventually) as they get into the swing of things in this free-wheeling fornication fiesta.