Lesllie Bovee movies in “Little Blue Box”

Lesllie Bovee movies in

Name: Little Blue Box

Duration: 89 min

Year: 1978

Director: Arlo Schiffin

Country: United States

Language: English

Actors: John Leslie,Jamie Gillis,Jack Teague

Actress: Sharon Mitchell,Gloria Leonard,Lesllie Bovee,Jennifer Welles,Ming Toy

Categories: Lesllie Bovee movies, 1978, United States, English, Arlo Schiffin, Sharon Mitchell, Gloria Leonard, Lesllie Bovee, Jennifer Welles, Ming Toy, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Jack Teague, Facial, Asian

Lesllie Bovee movies in

A self-described "horny but faithful" husband (John Leslie), disappointed by his wife’s (Jennifer Welles) frigidity, tries to spice things up with the help of an adult home-movie system sold to him by the lovely Miss Azure (Welles again) and featuring the mysterious "Channel 69."