Cherry Truckers

Cherry Truckers - classic porno film Cherry Truckers - classic porno film
Cherry Truckers


Studio: VCX



Genre: Classic


Description: Female Truckers in Hot Pants Will Give You the Ride of Your Life!!! On their way to a convention in San Francisco, a group of sex lady truckers work their way in and out of most every motel bed they run across. They haul a pretty hefty sexual payload, and they like to turn themselves loose on any lucky hitchhiker they pass by. As these very gorgeous ladies are trucking across America, they find themselves being drawn slowly into a sensual and kinky game of cat-and-mouse that threatens to run them right off course if they don’t watch out. You will not see any of these actors or actresses anywhere else, most likely. They’re very anonymous yet hard-working and highly arousing performers who disappeared from the 70’s movie scene after this one.